Rubbing shoulders with Glen

Glen Murphy star of ITV's London's Burning and Lee in the stage Musical



HELP !!!!!

Lee, Coochie & Sid, Team captains on HTV's " Run with the ball "


DLT .... The dirty Rat !

1992 ... DLT as King Rat says " GOTCHA " to Lee in the Pantomime Dick Whittington.


Iv'e got an itch in my shorts !

1993 ... It's hard work entertaining the troops in Belize, This was a day off on the

Island of San Pedro with the Dancers.


Who starched my jacket ?

Lee in full flight in the stage show " Rock With Laughter "


Go on girls, Sock it to em.

Miss Lynn Sweet and dancers from the stage show " Rock With Laughter "


Come any closer and i'll rip you into pieces.

Showbiz Dog .... " ROCKA " The fearless Terrier. (R.I.P)